Spring Maintenance – What to Prioritize

For many Canadians, spring is one of the most anticipated times of the year. The snow and slush are finally behind us, and summer is quickly approaching. What would the spring season be without the return of lush wildlife, sunny days, warmer weather …

… and heaps of property maintenance?

Luckily, you aren’t the only one with these seemingly tedious tasks ahead of you. Everyone wants their indoor and outdoor spaces freshened and spotless for upcoming social gatherings, so we’ve compiled a list of “things to consider” when planning your spring checkup and cleaning schedule.


Exterior Maintenance

When it comes to exterior maintenance, we’ve broken down tasks into two general categories: Structural maintenance and natural maintenance.


Structural Maintenance

When inspecting the exterior of your home, you must account for the effects of winter weather and colder temperatures since you last conducted a checkup. It may even have been years since you’ve inspected certain features of your home, leaving more time for wear and tear to develop.

First, we recommend checking any gutters or downspouts for residue of leaves, pollen, the effects of winter conditions or anything left behind by critters. Any blockage could eventually lead to the malfunctioning of these systems, potentially resulting in flooding and water damage. Next, check for any cracks in your foundation, patio and pathways, or any gaps in caulking on your windows, doors or other structures. Winter conditions can leave these behind which can let mice in and cause water damage to your home. We also recommend inspecting your air conditioning unit, outdoor lighting and any other outdoor appliance for damage they may have sustained. Prolonged cold can cause mechanical pieces to seize and malfunction, creating safety concerns.

Natural Maintenance

We’re in the midst of the Perennial season and your gardens are likely sprouting back to life. You’ve likely planted some new additions to your garden as well. To compliment them properly, appropriate lawn care is required. We suggest dethatching and aerating your lawns to allow the proper nutrients to reach your grass and its roots. You’re going to need a lot of yard waste bags and other supplies, so we recommend heading to your local hardware / supply store. Water the lawn frequently after these steps to maintain fullness. We also recommend trimming any long tree branches that could damage your property, and clipping back any overgrown shrubbery.


Interior Maintenance

There are many smaller, but equally important responsibilities when performing maintenance on the inside of your home. Rid your refrigerator, freezer and pantry of any out-of-date perishables. Dust hard-to-reach corners that don’t get much attention. Wipe down surfaces with a wet cloth, as they’ve likely accumulated residue. Check carpeting for stains or discolouration, and consider a carpet-cleaner. Check your furnace and any other interior HVAC systems. Check your fire and carbon monoxide detectors for low batteries or malfunction. Look for any mould in places that experience high humidity like bathrooms and basements. Look for any interior cracks from the winter cold.


Most importantly of all, have fun!

These tasks can seem like a drag, but throwing some music on or working as a team can make your household responsibilities take less time; feeling less like a chore and more like a mission. Enjoy the warmer weather!